How do I setup the Insightly integration, and what does it do?

First go to your profile within Insightly and copy your API key.

Next go to your Temponia User profile by clicking in the upper right corner of the screen:

Next paste in the API key from Insightly and save.

Good job!  Once this is done, the integration has been setup.  These steps only need to be performed once.

As soon as your integration is saved you can try it out by creating a new timesheet entry and going enter the @-sign in the notes field followed by (a part of) the name of an Insightly contact.  It will display a list of the contacts from Insightly (allow a couple of seconds for Temponia to fetch the names from Insightly) and you can choose one.

As soon as you save the timesheet entry in Temponia, we will create a corresponding event in Insightly for that contact (or multiple contacts).


Here you can see a demonstration video of the complete process:


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