How to setup reminders

In order to get going with reminders you first need to enable this module.  To do so you can go into company settings, go to modules and enable it.


After doing to there will be a two new menu items: Reminders & Non-working days in the company settings.

In the reminders page you can configure when you would like the reminders to be active.  There are multiple options:

When you configure for example weekly: the dashboards of all users will include a completion percentage of timesheets that is calculated per week.

The WHEN field is important when you choose to send out e-mail reminders.  When the system detects that the timesheets are due, and they are incomplete an e-mail is send out to the user whose timesheets aren't completed.  It is possible to make the system more lenient by configuring a percentage lower than 100%


It is important that company holidays and working days are correctly configured.  This can be done in the non-working days tab.


You can mark a day as holiday by simply clicking on it.

To mark non-working days for users you can go to the user page and click on the 'Mark non-working days' button.

This will display the individual screen per employee and allows you to specify which periods the employee is absent.  It is important to do this since otherwise the completion percentage on the dashboard will be incorrect and the employee may receive e-mail reminders although he/she is on holiday.


After all this is correctly configured the employees get 2 new widgets on their dashboard.

The color and icon of the widget will reflect the completion level of the employee.  Users can click on the widget to see the individual days that lack complete timesheets.

By clicking on the small calendar item next to each date the user can quickly add timesheets in order to complete the period.


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